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Faison Law Group LLC is a boutique transactional law firm specializing in startup, venture capital, private equity and corporate law. Our team represents clients from large, publicly traded corporations to small main street businesses. Our corporate lawyers have years of experience in the industry, giving them the unique ability to understand the challenge of nurturing an innovative idea into a flourishing business and tackling the legal challenges that arise along the way.

In recent years, we have honed our reputation as a world-class law firm for startup companies with some of the most experienced corporate counsel in the industry, Faison Law’s dedicated team has counseled clients on an array of issues impacting new companies, such as securities, corporate law, employment law, and corporate financing. Each day, we serve as a trusted partner for startups across industries.

All-Encompassing Legal Solutions for Business Startups

Launching a startup can require navigating complex corporate law issues. Our team has earned a reputation for crafting legal strategies that safeguard your business interests, minimize risk exposure, and ensure compliance with legal compliance standards. In the thrilling journey from innovative concept to successful enterprise, we stand by your side, providing strategic counsel and guidance at every step.

Our law firm for startup companies offers the following services:

  1. Business Entity Formation: The decision to choose the proper corporate entity structure can have profound effects on your startup’s trajectory. We help clients comprehend the nuances of various business entities. We also assist in selecting, registering, and establishing the entity best suited for a client’s unique business model and objectives. Faison Law’s attorneys for business startups have experience organizing the following entities:
    • Corporations
    • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
    • General Partnerships
    • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
    • Limited Partnerships (LP)
    • S-Corporations

    Our attorneys for business startups help you evaluate the management, liability, transferability, and tax implications associated with each entity type. Additionally, we have years of experience drafting tailored organizational documents to guide your startup in its earliest days. Our law firm for startup companies has been a trusted partner in negotiating, drafting, and reviewing corporate documents, including operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and corporate bylaws, to ensure they are robust, comprehensive, and aligned with your business objectives. An effective set of organizational documents from our team is critical for helping you manage and regulate your startup’s affairs and avoid future legal issues.

  2. Fundraising and Financing: Capital is essential for the viability of a startup in the short and long term. Our attorneys for business startups have experience securing capital through the lifecycle of a startup business. We advise on equity and debt financing, venture capital, crowdfunding, and other finance areas. Our lawyers know how to manage the legal complexities of these transactions and skillfully draft documents in a variety of transactions, including companies raising capital in friends and family, seed and growth equity rounds.

  3. Securities Compliance: Raising money from investors requires complying with both federal and state securities laws. We handle all necessary regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and relevant state agencies that enforce “blue sky” laws. relevant regulatory bodies.  With our team in your corner, we help you keep your business within the boundaries of the law to avert potential fines, lawsuits or even criminal prosecution.

  4. Contract Review and Drafting: Our startup attorneys have expertise in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a range of contracts for business startups. In your growth stages, our attorneys for business startups prepare you for legal issues that arise with leasing office space, hiring employees, partnering with third-party vendors, raising capital, and managing short-term and long-term growth. Our team is experienced in protecting business interests through strategic contract negotiating and drafting. Each day, we help companies large and small by negotiating  and drafting employment contracts, privacy agreements, terms of service, independent contractor agreements, vendor contracts, and other documents. Our approach to each transaction recognizes the importance of safeguarding your legal, operational, and strategic goals.

Our Approach

Every business is different. Startups are unique because they often operate at a special moment in their company’s history. Faison Law’s attorneys for startup businesses understand this reality and the importance of providing personalized transactional services for every client. Be it a large, publicly traded corporation or a small main street business, we work to understand your business objectives and legal concerns.

Faison Law is committed to an ethos of transparency, integrity, and trust. As valuable advocates from day one, we view ourselves as trusted partners in your entrepreneurial journey through your business’s most formidable days. Our team also continually monitors the latest laws, regulations, and market trends so clients can stay ahead of competitors with relevant, timely, and innovative advice. This is critical for protecting business interests, meeting business goals, and delivering a competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a law firm is more than picking a legal representative. For startups, they are also acquiring a strategic partner in the earliest days of the business. Our boutique transactional law has earned a reputation as a go to firm for startups, venture capital, private equity and general corporate law.

M. James Faison founded Faison Law with a firsthand perspective of the challenges facing startups. A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Virginia School of Law, he left his position as a corporate attorney at the global law firm of White & Case LLP to launch an award-winning sustainable meat company, Milton’s Local. James then worked as an in-house counsel at public companies and venture-backed startups, advising business stakeholders on corporate law issues. His experience as a business owner, in-house attorney, and private corporate counsel gives him a unique perspective when tackling issues that affect startups.

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