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Non Profit

Legal Solutions for Non-Profits

At Faison Law Group, we understand the challenges and opportunities that arise for non-profit organizations. Our corporate law attorneys partner with accounting firms to guide non-profit organizations through their unique legal landscape. We offer a range of legal services to local, regional, and national non-profits, including:

Entity Formation

Starting a non-profit requires juggling legal considerations different from those affecting for-profit businesses. Our team assists clients in forming non-profit entities so they can apply for tax-exempt status and comply with relevant laws and regulations. Faison Law Group also assists non-profits in the preparation and filing of formation documents, the creation of bylaws, and the establishment of governance structures.

Tax Exempt Status Recognition

Achieving tax-exempt status is critical for non-profits. We help clients navigate the legal intricacies of this process, from preparing and filing their applications for tax-exempt status to responding to queries from the Internal Revenue Service. Our team also reviews your business processes to ensure they meet the requirements for maintaining your organization’s tax-exempt status over time.


Fundraising is a vital but heavily regulated part of non-profit operations. We advise clients on compliant fundraising practices so they avoid running afoul of regulatory rules. Our team prepares non-profits to comply with state and federal laws and proactively identify risks before they become legal pitfalls.


Non-profits depend on strong, ethical governance. We help clients develop and implement effective governance structures and practices and advise on board duties, conflict of interest policies, and other governance-related issues. Our team partners with clients to create environments of accountability and transparency, which prove vital for gaining trust from donors, volunteers, and the public.

Membership Programs

Many non-profits rely on membership programs to build their community and support their work. We offer legal guidance on establishing and managing these programs and advise on membership structures, benefits, rights, and responsibilities. Our corporate law attorneys design membership programs that comply with the law and meet your organization’s specific goals.

Faison Law Group recognizes the purpose of the local, regional, and national non-profit we serve. We channel that purpose into a commitment to providing tailored legal services that help you navigate your legal journeys and fulfill your societal mission.

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